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After-Sales Service

Each BEDAT & CO timepiece is crafted with precise detail and exclusivity, honouring the art of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Determined to perpetuate the tradition and skills, BEDAT & CO service procedure is designed to ensure each timepiece is well taken care of. All services and repairs are conducted by experts who are craftsmen in the field of watchmaking.

BEDAT & CO After-Sales Service Instruction Manual

BEDAT & CO GENEVE timepieces require regular maintenance and service to ensure its exceptional precision, reliability and elegance.

We recommend you to visit our after - sales service centre or authorized dealer of your choice periodically to have your timepiece inspect or repair.

In the event if your BEDAT & CGENEVE timepiece should require any repair service, please follow the below guidelines that will help you to submit your watch to our service facilities.


BEDAT & CGENEVE recommends you to send yourtimepiece to our authorized service centre or authorized dealer located nearest to your convenient location for a through inspection and repair.

You will have the option to (1) hand deliver your timepiece for repair to the nearest authorize service centre or dealer, or (2) ship it via courier service of your preference.

If you decide to ship it to service centre or dealer, kindly refer to below for your attention;

  A) Pack your timepiece:

*Place your timepiece in a zip lock bag, protect it with bubble wrap and package it in a sturdy box sealed with tape with sufficient padding to protect your timepiece during transit.

*Please do not send your timepiece in its original box and packing materials as all shipping container and packing materials will be discarded upon receipt.

  B) Ship your timepiece to us

*We strongly recommend you to utilize a shipping method that allows package tracking(such as FedEex, UPS, registered mail or Insured mail) for security reason.

*We recommend that you insure your package based on the original purchase value or retail replacement value in case if it is lost in transit.


Regardless if you choose to hand deliver or ship your timepiece to us, please be reminded:

*If you are submitting your timepiece for warranty repair, kindly include a copy of the warranty certificate and original sales receipt for date of purchase validation.

       *For out of warranty repair or work not covered under warranty, an estimated service fee will be sent to you prior proceeding with the repair. Your approval of the service estimate is required to complete the watch repair.

If you have any enquiries in regards to our after sales service, reach out to us at or on our official social media Instagram / Facebook.

We look forward to serving you better.

User Guide

Mechanical Movement

​We advise you to arrange for your BEDAT & CO GENEVE mechanical watch to be sent to service by an approved BEDAT & Co GENEVE After-Sales Service centre, to ensure that the timepiece maintains its reliability.

Quartz Movement

The average lifetime of battery is 2 - 3 years. We recommend that you have your batteries changed by an approved BEDAT & Co GENEVE After-Sales Service centre.


All BEDAT & CO GENEVE timepiece can be cleaned with a soft, dry cloth.

Winding and time setting on manual models.

Crown position 1, winding.

When the watch has come to a complete stop, gently turn the crown, in position 1, in a clockwise motion. The power reserve of a fully wound watch is approximately 40 hours, depending on the model.

*Caution: Do not turn the crown manually more than 8 to 10 times to avoid damaging the movement.

Crown position 2, Time setting.
Pull the crown to position 3 and move the hands in either direction to the desired time.

Push crown in.

Winding, time setting and date setting on automatic models.

Crown position 1, winding.

This position allows manual winding by gently turning the crown in a clockwise motion. The watch self-winds while being worn. The maximum power reserve of a fully wound automatic watch is approximately 40 hours. The watch will stop if not worn.

*Please note: Caution should be used not to manually over-wind the movement. 8 to 10 gentle manual winds will be sufficient to start your automatic movement.

Crown position 2, Quick set of date.
The date may be adjusted by turning the crown in this position clockwise.

Crown position 3, Time setting.
Turn crown clockwise or counter-clockwise to adjust the time.

*Caution: To ensure the date does not change at midday, we recommend, when setting the time, turning the hands until the date changes in the aperture.

Push crown in.

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